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[S]Crew Member-Gin Card

Crew member card-Gin*1
Training Potion*10
Medium Exp Card*5

[S]Crew Member-Gin Card
Original price $30 Now only $20
202 players have purchased

[S]Crew Member-Buggy Card

Crew member card-Buggy*1
Training Potion*10
Medium Exp Card*5

[S]Crew Member-Buggy
Original price $40 Now only $30
428 players have purchased

[S]Crew Member-Shura Card

Crew member card-Shura*1
Training Potion*10
Medium Exp Card*5

[S]Crew Member-Shura
Original price $45 Now only $35
131 players have purchased

[S]Crew Member-Satori Forest Card

Crew member card-Satori Forest*1
Training Potion*10
Medium Exp Card*5

[S]Crew Member-Satori Forest
Original price $50 Now only $40
265 players have purchased

1、 Each account on one server is limited to buy gift box of each level only one time, it's useless to buy more than one.

2、 After you select the gift box, it’ll be added to your cart. Only when you confirm the order can the purchase be completed. After purchase, you can go check ur backpack in game.

3、 Click to use the crew member card,you can find this crew member in your logbook in the game. it costs another 10 gold to convene him/her

4、Game321 reserves the final interpretation rights of this event.

Winner Info

In Grandline Shop, players who buy gift box with the order number the multiple of 8 can receive extra Christmas Pack*3 (valuable items in this Christmas Pack). 13879 gift boxes are sold now. To get the lucky reward need 2 more orders. 13879 gift boxes have been sold since 08-27.

Lucky Customer

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  • D.Milo


    Christmas Pack*3

  • HawkJones


    Christmas Pack*3

  • Flume


    Christmas Pack*3

  • hulpje


    Christmas Pack*3

  • Aokiji™


    Christmas Pack*3

  • Utena


    Christmas Pack*3



    Christmas Pack*3

  • Arn


    Christmas Pack*3

  • ๖tzitey


    Christmas Pack*3

  • ๖tzitey


    Christmas Pack*3

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1 s25 Linsivvi 21
2 s25 Iamsterdam 20
3 s33 Cygnario 20
4 s9 Turbulence 17
5 s14 SakeKing 15
6 s53 bellin 13
7 s22 Fate 12
8 s21 MrTwister 11
9 s18 Benji 11
10 s9 PotgasDAce 11